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At Creative Seed, we live and breathe design and development. Solving problems with creative solutions is the thing that gets us up each morning with excitement! We would love to jump on a journey with you and share our creativity in order to improve your organization’s design needs.

Creative Consulting

Looking for a design critique and recommendations before venturing into a large project? We offer consulting services to review your current positioning and recommend paths to take toward improving it. Do you need some expert design direction?

Web Design & Development

We design and develop websites with the correct goals in mind. We don’t believe in a one-template or one-system -fits-all approach. We take the time to understand your brand, your needs, as well as your workflow for maintaining your website prior to choosing a web system and design strategy. We can help your site be impactful, usable, and competitive. Is your website dynamically serving your needs?

Graphic & Print Design

Print is still a powerful way to distribute information, and it’s everywhere we look. From magazines and brochures to business cards and presentation materials, print has the ability to give a strong message both visually and in the tactile feel of paper choice and interactive folds. Are your printed materials making a statement?

Brand Identity Design

Your brand is what people think about your organization. Is what they’re thinking matching the message you’re trying to convey? Whether you’re looking to refresh your brand or completely start from scratch, we can help design a unique foundation that will help your organization stand out in media noise and be memorable in a positive light. Is your brand unique?

  1. Define
  2. Discover
  3. Design
  4. Build
  5. Launch


Our Design Process

We use a design process with the client that is both engaging and collaborative. We take pride in having perfected our design process throughout our project experiences, and we are confident it will work for you. Our process allows the project to get it done right. Outcomes will be better quality as a result.

Other Services

Aside from our traditional services, we also participate in other activities to feed our creativity and spirit. We volunteer our services to community organizations seeking to make a positive difference. We participate on advisory boards to help provide guidance toward their goals. We do speaking engagements to educate audiences about design and encourage others to be creative. Lastly, we also run our own entrepreneurial side passion projects.

We call these “extra” projects our Wildflower Projects. These projects challenge us to grow, encourage us to expand our creativity and impact, and motivates us to stay in alignment with purpose. Explore our Wildflower Projects, and get in touch if you think your need matches this category.

Need Something Else?

If we don’t offer the creative service you are looking for, chances are we know someone else who can. We don’t take referrals lightly, and any external services we do recommend are given because we personally know and trust their work.

So if you’re looking for another service, we have an awesome network of people who could step in and guide you toward solutions. We don’t want to leave you hanging on a limb, so don’t hesitate to ask. We’d love to do our best in steering you in the right direction where our resources are available.

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