Wildflower Projects

We Are Innovators and Givers

At Creative Seed, we have an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s what enhances our passion for our work and keeps our energy up.  We encourage ongoing learning and taking risks to let an idea run wild.

We are a diverse team with many interests and a hunger to also give back to the communities around us. Whether it’s starting our own venture, sharing our expertise through volunteering for a noble cause, serving on advisory boards, mentoring aspiring creatives, we love branching out and exploring the world around us. We’re so grateful for the amazing people we’ve met through these projects. It’s our ray of sunshine to engage in this way, and we look forward to growing this garden and seeing what takes root.

Our Wildflower Garden

My LivWel: Journey to good health

Inspired by personal passion, this is our startup that delivers a web app that helps people living with or at risk for HIV find resources and support.

Been there doing this magazine

We love to absorb books, articles, podcasts, videos, and conversations. This blog shares our daily learnings with note-taking of key points and observations. Topics range in design, marketing, business, and more. Read along and learn with us!

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Books and Courses

With backgrounds and a love for teaching code and design, we are exploring the creation of books and online courses that teach this unique to anyone else. We think it’s important for everyone to understand some tech and design, and we are finding a way to teach others in practical methods. If this interests you, sign up to follow this journey.

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