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Creative Consulting

You may be in a position where you’re not yet ready to dive into a full out project for your business, but you’re also not exactly sure where to start. Perhaps you’re just trying to get an overview picture of your brand landscape and marketing strategy, and you’re looking for recommendations about where to go next. We can help with this.

Our expertise can help assess where your business is currently positioned and guide you toward steps to take it to the next level. After understanding your goals, we can review your website, social channels, and other marketing materials and make recommendations about what your business can do to improve. Whether it’s about improving your website presence, creating impactful digital media strategies, writing stronger copy to encourage action, or something else, we can help get you back to nourishing your brand so it can fully flourish at its full potential.

Not knowing the landscape of your branding efforts is like being lost in the woods without a compass.

Is your brand compass pointing north?

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Is this Service Right for You?

If you are thinking about any of the common scenarios below, it’s a great time to chat.

How’s my website?
We can give a thorough review and critique of your website and provide a graded assessment with recommendations toward improvement.

How’s my social and digital media channels?
It’s easy to get pressured into using multiple social media channels, but it’s also important to recognize if they are serving your business. We can give a thorough review and critique of your currently established digital media channels and provide a graded assessment with recommendations toward improvement.

How’s my branding application?
You may have a brand identity and message established, but you’re not quite sure if you’re applying it most effectively. We can review all your marketing materials and provide a graded assessment with recommendations toward improvement.

I don’t have anything established and don’t know where to start.
Perhaps your a startup, or you are doing a complete refresh of your brand. We can help guide you toward putting your attention to the most important things first so you are using your time toward the things that provide the most impact.

Our Offerings

Overall Brand Reviews / Social Media Channel Reviews / Website Reviews

5 Ways to Increase Your Brand’s Longevity

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Build a company brand you are proud of and one that resonates with your audience. Download our free guide, and assess your current brand presentation.

Our Process

Consultation: After you complete our Project Inquiry Form, we’ll reach out to schedule a free 15-30 minute consultation call and expand the discussion with this pre-knowledge. You can ask questions, and we can see if there’s a good project fit.


After our consultation, we’ll put together an estimate that outlines project details and pricing. When you’re ready to move forward, the project will start with a signature of agreement and full payment. We’ll schedule a 1 hour Creative Consulting meeting time and send a welcome packet to help prepare you for our meeting.

Creative Consulting Meeting:

During this one-hour consultation, we will guide a conversation for you to share your business goals and target audience as well as past and current marketing efforts. We’ll ask you to share your personal critique of the materials you would like our team to review. This is your time to share and our turn to listen only.

Review and Critique:

With some background context and understanding of goals, we’ll personally give a thorough review and critique of the marketing materials you would like us to explore. We’ll create a write-up assessment of our findings and conclude with a list of recommendations and next steps you can take to make brand improvements.

Presentation Meeting and Conclusion:

During this 30 minute meeting, we will provide you with our written assessment and discuss its content in overview. This concludes the project, and we are hopeful to extend our partnership together on future work.

What’s Involved

Depending on your specific scenario, your project may involve the following processes.

Brand and Target Audience Understanding
Understand your current positioning, goals, and Ideal Customer Avatar

Content Gathering
Gather the materials you would like our team to review

Review and Assessment
A critique and written assessment with graded values and list of recommendations

Various Meetings
One Creative Consultation and final presentation meeting is included

Price Estimates

* Note: Price and timelines vary per project scenario. The numbers below represent the average starting price.

Project Investment: starts at $2500.00
Project Timeline: starts at 2 weeks

Ready to start?

Start the conversation by completing our project inquiry form.