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Graphic and Print Design

Print is still a powerful way to distribute information, and it’s everywhere we look. From magazines and brochures to business cards and presentation materials, print has the ability to give a strong message both visually and in the tactile feel of paper choice and interactive folds. Are your materials making a statement?

Print is everywhere we look. You can’t go one day without coming across some kind of print material. Print is still alive and well.

Are your print materials serving a purpose?

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Is this Service Right for You?

If you are thinking about any of the common scenarios below, it’s a great time to chat.

I need materials for my event.
Perhaps you need marketing materials of flyers and postcards, or the informational materials of brochures and program booklets. We can help you be prepared for your next event presentation.

I want reusable templates.
You may want to reuse basic materials and would prefer to maintain this content changing yourself. Maybe it’s a monthly flyer, quarterly newsletter, or even a branded meeting minutes template; we can work with you to create a template that increases your organizations future workflow.

I need to present my information somehow.
You may be in a situation where you know what information you need to share, but you just don’t know how best to present it. We can help and guide you toward a best solution in these scenarios.

Typography, layout, and paper just isn’t my thing.
As designers, we understand that not everyone sleeps and breathes all the details that go into developing a print piece. Don’t worry. You can just let us know your goals, and we can can take care of the rest.

Our Offerings

If you don’t see your product need in the list below, still reach out. 
If we can’t fully support you, we can likely find someone in our network who can.

Booklets / Brochures / Business Cards / Certificates / Cover Designs / Flyers / Greeting Cards /
Letterhead / Magazines / Newsletters / Postcards / Posters / Programs / Reports

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Our Process

Consultation: After you complete our Project Inquiry Form, we’ll reach out to schedule a free 15-30 minute consultation call and expand the discussion with this pre-knowledge. You can ask questions, and we can see if there’s a good project fit.


After our consultation, we’ll put together a proposal that outlines project details, timeline, and pricing. When you’re ready to move forward, the project will start with a signature of agreement and payment. Depending on the project size, this payment may be a downpayment or in full. We’ll then onboard you with a welcome packet, your guide to reference during this exciting project journey with us.

Discovery and Planning:

If additional information is needed, we will talk further about any holes needing to be filled regarding project details. This phase requires the Client gather any content needing to be handed over for the Designer to do their work. If additional planning needs to take place regarding printshop details, photography needs, etc, this will take place during this phase.


The design phase is where the visual design is built with a foundation from all project objectives learned in prior steps. Depending on the scope of the project, some visual design will start with sketches and prototype concept while some smaller projects will go direct to a final design presentation.


The design will go through one round of revisions if needed. Additional revisions outside of scope will result in an additional hourly rate.

Print and Conclusion:

The final design will be submitted for the final print process to take place. We value our partnership in working together and are here to support you. We do hope you’ll consider our other services to further expand your brand via other marketing channels when you are ready.

What’s Involved

Depending on your specific scenario, your project may involve the following processes.

Brand and Target Audience Understanding
Understand your current positioning, goals, and Ideal Customer Avatar

Content Gathering
Gather the materials needed for the project

Visual Layout and Design
Create one visual design presentation

Prepare for Print
Ensure the project is print-ready for the printshop

Review the print deliverable example if needed

Regular Check-ins
We’ll be in touch during the entire design process

Price Estimates

Project Investment: varies per project depending on scope and deadline requirements
Projects are usually a flat rate cost with an additional rate of $100/hour for work completed outside of the established scope.
Project Timeline: varies per project

Ready to start?

Start the conversation by completing our project inquiry form.