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Web Design and Development

Your website is commonly the first impression your customers see when they are introduced to your business. It’s your 24 hour, 7 days-a-week marketing piece that sells your business while you’re away from the “front welcome desk”. Aside from word-of-mouth, your website is the most strategic and influential marketing channel.

At Creative Seed, we design and develop websites with the correct goals in mind. We don’t believe in a one-template or one-system-fits-all approach. We take the time to understand your brand, your needs, as well as your workflow for maintaining your website prior to choosing a web system and design strategy. We can help your site be impactful, usable, and competitive. Is your website dynamically serving your needs?

Your website is your 24 hour, 7 days-a-week marketing piece that sells your business while you’re away from the “front welcome desk”.

How does your virtual welcome desk look?

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Is this Service Right for You?

If you are thinking about any of the common scenarios below, chances are it’s a good time to upgrade your website.

My brand needs attention.
You’ve been using a cookie-cutter, purchased template to get a website up, but it’s not reflective of your true brand. Your audience will notice an inauthentic brand. Now’s the time to get serious with a customized design derived from your brand’s voice and audience needs.

I want to grow beyond free channels.
You want to move beyond the limitations of using just a Facebook business page or free WordPress blog. Let’s express the full value of your brand.

I want to inspire action.
A website is more than informational. It should also inspire the user to think differently and/or take action. Make your website work for you with strategic call-to-actions.

I want to get organized.
If your website is hard to navigate because there is too much information to absorb, you are losing users. Content organization is key to the success of your website. Let’s tidy this up.

I want to maintain my own content.
You should have personal access to edit content on your website. If your current website doesn’t include this feature, it’s time to upgrade to current web industry standards and have the ability to keep your website content fresh.

I want to be mobile-friendly.
It’s not a question anymore of whether or not an audience views websites on their devices and tablets, in addition to desktops. They’re all in play. Be presentable on these devices and liked by search engines that seek mobile-ready websites.

I want to improve my accessibility.
It is ethical practice and often part of compliance to have your website be accessible to your audience, including those who may have disabilities. This inclusive design benefits your audience access in general, in addition to your website’s efficiency and search. 

I want to use my domain.
You’ve gone so far as to purchase a dot-com name but never took the leap of actually building that website. Now’s the time! 

I simply want a redesign.
Websites do outdate themselves after a while in visual design. A refresh in design, no matter how small, can be a breath of fresh air to your audience. Create that impression. 

I want to understand my website technology.
You should understand how your website is built. Become aware of your own technology tools, and work with a web designer and developer who works with you in partnership.

Our Offerings

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5 Ways to Increase Your Brand’s Longevity

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Our Process

Consultation: After you complete our Project Inquiry Form, we’ll reach out to schedule a free 15-30 minute consultation call and expand the discussion with this pre-knowledge. You can ask questions, and we can see if there’s a good project fit.


After our consultation, we’ll put together a proposal that outlines project details, timelines, pricing, and more. When you’re ready to move forward, the project will start with a signature of agreement and 50% downpayment. We’ll then onboard you with a welcome packet, your guide to reference during this exciting journey with us.


Here’s where we dive into learning about your current brand positioning and desired goals. We’ll discuss your target market, workflow processes, content gathering and information organization, features and functionality, and the call-to-actions you want your audience to take. 


With all the information gathered and learned from the previous step, we can now do the problem-solving work of researching and strategizing the best website solution. 


The design phase is where the visual design comes together from sketches and wireframes to journey maps and final user interface design compositions. This custom design is founded on research and goals, and it will properly reflect your brand. 


Once the visual design is established, the project can begin actual development in a web environment. User testing will take place to ensure all works okay, and documentation of processes will also be in the works to provide a manual of your website build for future reference.

Launch and Maintenance:

When everything gets the greenlight, your website will be published live, and you can celebrate the new path your business just launched! A website is a living document and needs to be well nourished. We’ll provide you with detailed documentation and one free training about how to maintain your website and ensure it continues to run efficiently. 


The project concludes with the remaining payment, but it’s not goodbye. We’ll check in to see how you’re doing with your website. We value our partnership in working together and are here to support you. We do hope you’ll consider our other services to further expand your brand via other marketing channels when you are ready.

What’s Involved

Depending on your specific scenario, your project may involve the following processes.

Target Audience
Understand Your Ideal Customer Avatar

Brand Research and Guided Strategy
Understand your current positioning and goals

Information Architecture
Develop Site Maps and Content Organization

Content Gathering
Gather Text, Imagery, and Media

User Interface Design
Create One Visual Design and Web Style Guide

User Experience Design
Get user feedback throughout the design process

Technology Assessment
Choose appropriate web technologies

Web Development
Build the website and documentation

Provide website training

Regular Check-ins
We’ll be in touch during the entire design process

Price Estimates

* Note: Price and timelines vary per project scenario. The numbers here represent the average starting price.


Project investment: starts at $2500
Project timeline: starts at 10 weeks
For startups trying to get a basic web presence by bootstrapping resources while also positioning themselves for future growth that they can later invest into a strong branding presence. These are typically small, static websites that require very little maintenance.


*Most Popular Project Type*
Project investment: starts at $8500
Project timeline: starts at 12 weeks
*Most Popular Project Type*

For small and larger organizations that want a to invest more thoroughly into their marketing, this may be a new website or redesign of an existing one. This investment is a stronger planning and establishment of branding presence.


Project investment: starts at $12,000
Project timeline: starts at 16 weeks
For organizations that require a more complex website with great customization, advanced functionalities, and higher maintenance. These projects look deep into its strategic marketing thus involving more time, client commitment throughout the design process, and technical development.

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