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Working with a design group can feel like an overwhelming process from the distance if you’ve never been through the experience before. We totally understand, but do know this: you deserve to take this step in order to have you and your business bloom to its full potential! You’ve worked SO hard to run your business, and its value should be seen! We’re here to help you. We don’t walk in the front or back but right next to you, with you, during this creative process. We’re here to listen, understand, and do the design work for you so you can focus on what you’re good at. We’ve got the team needed to help you strategize and develop the creative side.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a specific design process for each type of project. These types of projects could range from creating print materials, graphics, or websites. This process is outlined on the web page of each service offering.

In a nutshell though, a typical project starts with you completing our Project Inquiry Form on our website. We’ll review your project overview and get back to you with some times to plan a meetup and learn the project details. After an agreement has been made, a project will start with some research and planning, sketching and designing, and building to a final product. All the while, we are communicating with you and working together regularly to ensure all is on track.

Creating something new and fresh is an exciting thing to experience! We take it seriously that you trust us in helping you nuture your project to success, and we love taking this creative journey with you.

We work with clients and businesses of all sizes and industry types and love the variety. You may be the solo entrepreneur or startup venture trying to gain traction and be seen, the small business trying to grow, or the larger organization continuously trying to improve. You may be the student trying to get an online portfolio together of your amazing work, or you are the creative simply wanting to share your voice and expression to the world. Whatever your vision and goals are, we meet you where you are at and strive to get you to the place you desire to be.

It is important that we work with clients who share our values. We are all about helping people achieve positive things through our working together so that you can help the world with your impact. We are also about making this project experience enjoyable and of a good heart. Working in partnership with this alignment helps make for the best experience and outcomes.

We’ve got you! In fact, this uneasiness about not knowing where to start is very common. If you knew exactly what to do and how to do it, you wouldn’t be looking at our services! After you complete our online Project Inquiry Form, we will have a brief meetup consultation where we can help guide the process and figure out where to start. We can help with the creative development so you can focus on what you do best with your business.

It is a great experience to meet in person locally where those opportunities are possible, but it’s not a requirement. We do communicate often during a project, so having a connection is very important. The internet age has made connecting by distance virtually possible, and we can stay in contact by email, phone, Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, or whatever other tool we can make work best!

The majority of our websites are custom-built using a Content Management System called WordPress. This is a system that allows for business clients to maintain their website on their own without the need to understand the techy world of web development. This is pretty cool as it allows for you to really have great autonomy in editing your website when you want. We host all our WordPress websites with a self-managing service called Flywheel, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining all the web security and updates that a website requires. WordPress powers 30% of the internet’s websites with no sign of slowing down. We think you’ll enjoy using this system as much as we do when creating your website.

That being said, we are also open to other platforms and technologies where appropriate for particular project scenarios and budgets. We’ve worked with Wix, Squarespace, Sitefinity, and Drupal. Some websites are completely handcoded in programming languages. However, our niche in resources and preference are focused on WordPress. When we learn the details of your project and start its research, we always do a technology assessment to determine what web platform is best for your project.

Each project is so different in scenario that a direct answer to this cannot be given. Influencers such as client deadlines and project preparedness take into account here. We will help plan out a detailed timeline during our initial consultation.

On average, a print or digital graphic project could take anywhere from a week to many weeks, and a website could take anywhere from 10 weeks to a few months. These of course are rough averages, and clarity on timelines are determined when we learn your project details.

Each project scenario is different, and we need to learn more about your project scope before defining costs. A cost is provided after an initial consultation takes place. 

Awesome, we love your enthusiasm to get started! The first step is to fill out our Project Inquiry Form online to give us some background information before our phone consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Things to Note

We have strong values.
Our passions and values help us deliver the quality work that we do. We are mindful of who we are, what we do, how we do it, and most importantly why we do it. You can view our values here.

We are problem solvers.
Because we love what we do, we are confident any scenario can be figured out. Technology and design changes so fast. There are going to be times where a project scenario is a first, but we welcome this. With our combined experience backgrounds, a great community network, and strong perseverance, we know we can figure it out.

We don’t skip steps. 
We’re not going to skips steps in a design process because of a false perception in saving time and money. We do the entire design process because we know it works, and the outcomes will have more impact and longevity. We expect that you trust our expertise and process. We like doing it right the first time, and you get top quality as a result. 

Clients work with us during a project. 
Successful outcomes result from a great collaboration between our team and our clients. Consistent communication, regular reviews, and commitment to helping each phase of the design process stay the course is imperative. If you do not have time or interest in committing to working together in partnership consistently throughout the project experience, we will not be a good fit. We put great care into our work and expect our clients to do the same. 

We do serious work but have more fun.
We value high standards and exceeding them, but we too know how to have fun in our work. We’re in this work because we enjoy it. We expect our clients to be just as engaged and enjoying the project experience as much as we love bringing it to life. The project experience should be a joyful one. Together, we’re helping create something amazing after all! 🙂

We’re not a fit for everyone.
We work with clients who value our experience and knowledge. We will not be a fit if you are looking for low-quality pricing and unreasonable turnaround times with assumptive expectations. If you believe you know how the work should be done, you do not need to be working with our expertise. We know the successful projects that actually produce results are the ones that are cared about in full. We only work on projects that will receive this care. 


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