Wildflower Projects

We are innovators and givers.

Let the good stuff grow wild.

Whether it’s starting our own passion project venture, sharing our expertise through volunteering for a noble cause, serving on advisory boards, mentoring aspiring creatives, we love branching out and exploring the world around us. We’re so grateful for the amazing people we’ve met through these projects. It’s our ray of sunshine to give back in this way, and we look forward to growing this garden and seeing what takes root.

Our Wildflower Garden

My LivWel

My LivWel

This in-house passion project is a web app that helps people living with or at risk for HIV find resources and support.

Mindtation: the science of success. A background of blue mountains and calm sky.


We are honored to be a partner with Mindtation, a company that helps others develop a mindset of growth and opportunity using meditation and mindset practices. We value wellness practices, and we are grateful to have Mindtation help us share this value with others. Stay tuned for their new website launching soon!

Compass Western Wayne Business Alliance

As an advisory board member, we aid the marketing efforts of this monthly community luncheon that helps people stay equipped, encouraged, and connected in the marketplace they are called to serve. 

Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition

We are proud to volunteer for this coalition that has a mission to educate and empower the community regarding the health and safety of our young people with a focus on alcohol and other drugs.