About Us

We Create Design Solutions

At Creative Seed, you get a service that is grounded with quality roots. We are interested in solving design problems for the long haul, and we nurture the work with the correct attention and care needed to ensure a successful outcome to help your company’s brand.

We’re a small group, but this is to your advantage. We will work with you closely throughout the entire design process to ensure your goals are met. With our efficient work practices, we put focus on the important details and base all design decisions with purposeful intention derived from research.

Simplicity works. We won’t fluff up your project with unnecessary features and clutter but only tend to what strategies we know will work for your audiences. Your success is important to us, and our strong expertise can help guide your business growth from a seed into a flourished brand.

We Have Strong Values

Authenticity and Purpose

We don’t work here for the job title. We’re here because we truly enjoy this work and have an inner purpose to creatively solve problems.

Fearless Ideas and Learning

We’re not afraid to go after a big idea or acknowledge what we don’t know and research it. We strive to grow, and this is how we stay competitive.

Collaboration and Spirit

We value positive client engagement throughout the design process and deliver better outcomes as a result. We want you to be just as excited as we are about the project.

Focus and Simplicity

We value solving design problems, not creating them with unnecessary processes, features, or clutter. Simplicity is our strong suite because we know it works. Life is complex enough. Focus on the important.

Heartfelt Service

We don’t work for you but rather with you. You’re essentially part of the family here. We want you and your business to succeed, and we give it our all to ensure you’re receiving the best service.

About the Founder

Creative Seed was founded by Maria Gosur, who too is the lead Creative and Project Manager for clients. Maria has a strong background in understanding the big picture of brand and how design and development influences this. She has degrees in Web Design, Graphic Communications, and a masters degree from the University of Michigan School of Information in Human-Computer Interaction. Her previous company, I Can Create That, was successful for over 11 years, and this current design group is a growing expansion of that start. With a passion for design, education, and entrepreneurship, Maria enjoys running a business that solves design problems while working in a way that is engaging, authentic, and purposeful.


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