Our creative roots dig deep.

We solve design problems with intention and heart.

At Creative Seed, you get a service that is grounded with quality roots. We are interested in solving design problems for the long haul, and we nurture the work with the correct attention and care needed to ensure a successful outcome to help your company’s brand.

We’re a small group, and this is to your advantage. We will work with you closely throughout the entire design process to ensure your goals are met. With our efficient work practices, we put focus on the important details and base all design decisions with purposeful intention derived from research.

Simplicity works. We won’t fluff up your project with unnecessary features and clutter but only tend to what strategies we know will work for your audiences. Your success is important to us, and our strong expertise can help guide your business to be a well-flourished brand.

We Nurture Values

Work with Purpose and Joy
Stay Authentic
Embrace Collaboration
Serve with a Kind Heart
Learn and Explore
Keep it Simple
Exceed Expectations
Pay it Forward and Give Back

Our Team Stories

Maria Gosur
Owner and Creative Director

Thinking that the user interfaces could be better, Maria’s first taste of design came from building fan websites of her favorite music artists when she was in high school just for fun. Self-teaching herself graphic editing and coding, Maria found herself falling in love with design and solving puzzles with code. She nurtured this love by formally studying these topics starting at the end of high school through graduate school. It’s rare to find Maria not absorbing something new each day.

While Maria has three degrees focused in Web Design, Graphic Communications, and a masters degree from the University of Michigan School of Information in Human-Computer Interaction, Maria credits much of her learning from life-changing mentorship throughout her education. She enjoys giving back as much as she can through teaching and various volunteer work.

With a passion for design, education, and entrepreneurship, Maria enjoys running a business that solves design problems, makes a positive impact, all while working in a way that is engaging, authentic, and purposeful.

Headshot of Maria Gosur

Favorite Things: taking classes, reading, writing, juggling a soccer ball, teaching, listening to podcasts and music, nature, designing and observing design

Life Goals: give a TED talk about the power of mentorship, write a few books, enjoy the work I do each day with people I love

Favorite Quote: “The thing that’s most to be feared is doing the same thing over and over again.” – Paula Scher

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